4 types of buyers -- which group are you in?


This is the buyer who is ready to go now. They are often prepared and always ready to make a decision. Most of the time, these buyers are driven by circumstances that are pushing them to move. They need answers, the need someone competent, knowledgable and resourceful who can get the job done.  

Serious and Prepared

This buyer has done some research and their information is often on par with the agent-- they can't replace the agent's resources and specific knowledge but they are pretty good at knowing exactly what they want and what is available. However, the agents job is to be connected to networks unavailable to the buyer, and must match the motivation and information and move that forward in the best in interest of the client. These buyers standards and need an exceptional level of service in order to be satisfied. Lucky for them, I love details. 

Bargain Shopper

They are patient, they are smart and know what they want -- but are extremely flexible in time and the overall package. These buyers make agents work hard and push them to limit to find the extra special deal. These buyers need help getting prepared and informed so they are ready to jump on a deal when they find it.   

The Looky-loo

Looks-loos will hang out at every open house, they are often looking for ideas, dreaming and aren't necessarily looking to buy now, but agents need to nurture them over time. When they are ready, they always call and they are a hybrid of a couple different types of buyers-- the bargain shopper and the serious buyer. They love information, not always applying the information, but nonetheless this is what they like. 


Make the right deal.

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