What costs buyers big-- and how to get the best deal


Timing is probably the most important factor in the anatomy of a successful real estate deal. So, when do you buy? Everyone's green light is different. First, you must know your ultimate desired outcome for your purchase, be positioned for action, and find a match. Most people think timing is out of their control, but I believe it something you create. It's all about perspective, knowing what is absolutely necessary in your deal, and flexibility.     

Strategic offers

When you reach the offer stage, you'll find that sellers don't always bite at the highest initial price. There may be other factors that are just as important. Our job is to make your offer more attractive to the seller and make sure we are focused all along on your ultimate desired outcome.


Most people make their decision on face value. But I've learned that face value assessments won't always benefit you in the best way. Your home must be unique, it must be an extension of you, it must fit with your lifestyle. I will ask you questions designed to take all of that into consideration as you look at each house so we don't just find the perfect house, we create your ultimate lifestyle.   

Agility (being prepared to move fast)

Your ability to move quickly is the result of being prepared. You can't make smart and quick decisions if you aren't ready. People lose more deals and make more bad deals because they aren't prepared and they don't move fast in a smart way when the time is right. 


Are you ready?

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