I value clarity, honesty and efficiency.  A successful home search means getting clear on desires, what to avoid (and why), and elements of lifestyle, habits and personalty. Your agent must be clear on these elements in order to work smarter and manage the process better.    


The Nashville market moves fast. Every buyer must be pre-qualified by a lender in order to start a home search. Buyers are connected with lenders to start the process, then the search begins.   

The Search

Not every listing is on the Multiple Listing Service. When your agent is tapped into better networks, you get the better deal.  


You're not just shopping for a house, you are visualizing your life in your new home. Getting into the right mindset is probably the most important part of this process. I will prepare you before each showing, encouraging you to enjoy the process with visualizing techniques and asking better questions. It's not always about features-- but it is always about the feeling you get when you see The One.   

Offers and negotiation 

Offers and negotiation must be strategic. Sellers don't base their decision on price alone. There are multiple factors the seller and seller's agent are weighing in. Sellers will often accept an offer with less money but with a more credible lender and shorter escrow for instance.  


This process is all about the details. Inspections, appraisal and the lending process must be handled with care and time is of the essence in order to successfully close the deal.  


When approaching the closing date, details are not to be ignored. Every task is being watched and followed up on. Lucky for you, I like the details! 

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