Timeline and pricing 

Your desired outcome and your flexibility determine your timeline. Our specific market data and methodology will give you a range low to high of how to price your home so it sells within your timeline. Our data shows that if a home is priced incorrectly, it ends up costing the seller money, losing potential buyers and pushing the exit date further out.   


There are specific steps to take to meet your desired outcome. We will get clear on what you want, create a plan to get there, and stay focused and flexible to move you forward. I am a strategic thinker and my approach allows me to leverage what is already working to create the fastest most direct route possible to any desired outcome.


I will show you how to look through the eyes of potential buyers and make your home more attractive to them. I'll walk you through exactly what to do (and what not to do) so we can achieve your best result.   

Listing and Marketing

Our data shows that 87% of buyers find their home directly through their broker. Listing your home isn't just putting up a sign. It's a massive outreach campaign and ongoing communication with multiple networks of buyers agents, brokerages and marketing strategy. This process is guided by experts who know the market, know exactly what buyers want, and how to position your home in the best light.     


I like to know about every showing and control the buyer experience as much as possible. We'll get feedback, find out what works and what doesn't, and change our approach to get you the best result.   


Fielding offers is an art. There are several overlooked elements within an offer that could effect the success of a sale. We're in it together and we'll stay focused on your ultimate desired outcome.


The escrow process is all about the details. Working with agents, lenders, title companies, inspectors and appraisers must be handled with care and skill. Our job is to pay attention and move each step forward. 


The final step in the selling process is closing. Our team will ensure all paperwork, money and processes are completed and delivered.    


Let's get it done.

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