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As the #1 real estate sales company in Tennessee, Parks research department is on point and proactive in providing clients with accurate and relevant data to position you to make the best decision. Visit my market updates page.

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If you're curious about up-and-coming or established neighborhoods visit my neighborhoods page.

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There are multiple motivators for selling your house -- job opportunity/relocation, upsizing, downsizing, finances, needing a fresh start and more. Before you make any decisions, it's important to get clear on your desired outcome and timeline and get all the facts to ensure now is the right time. Visit my sellers page for a little more information.  

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Pre-qualification starts before the home search. The best information and strategy will position you to make the right deal. Visit my get qualified page.

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Start with good information. I put out a monthly e-mail with Nashville trends, data, stories, tips, news and more!  Join the list of informed buyers and sellers. 


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