Mortgage rates still low

Federal interest rates are expected to rise within the next year or so. When federal interest rates rise, so do mortgage rates.  They fluctuate all the time. The most recent mortgage rate reported from a top lender is 3.65 for a 30 year conventional loan. Every 1% change in interest rate equals 10% in buying power. 

Gentrification, change and growth

The Nashville market is all about discovering up-and-coming neighborhoods as well settling into established areas. Growth, neighborhood gentrification and overall change in the city is attracting people from all over the nation. Corporations are moving to Nashville and local businesses are expanding. Researchers and forecasters report as many as 100 people are moving to the Nashville and surrounding areas daily. Buyers are grasping at the chance to get in on the New Nashville.    

Buyers do not pay commission 

Sellers negotiate a commission structure that covers the cost of the buyer side of the transaction. The buyers agent is here to make sure the buyer is represented in the deal, help protect you and move the process forward.  

How to use the agent 

Our resources position you to make the better deal. Demand is currently extremely high.  Buyers need more access to information and resources beyond the internet. I am a part of a network of high-producing agents who have access to inventory before it hits the market.  I move fast, I'm connected and know what makes a good deal.  Last year my brokerage, Parks, ranked #1 in Tennessee by Nashville Business Journal. There's a reason.    

Secrets from a home inspector 

Appliances, paint, and all of the materials in a home have a shelf life. There are specific questions to ask when looking at a home. Want to know? Ask me for my free report! 

Make the right deal.

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